Wireless Keyboard with "Near-Zero" Input Latency

hall effect switches mechanical keyboard stand

  Our new H1 Hera has Hall-effect switches and a default 1000Hz polling rate and a configurable maximum polling rate of 8000Hz; this wireless mechanical keyboard will have ""near-zero"" input latency.

  Hephboard focuses on an optimal typing experience and will be working on it constantly, so keeping input lag to ""almost zero"" is one of our goals. Therefore we designed the Tenkeyless version of the H1 Hera to omit the number pad, volume wheel, and media controls for a more compact board. It has a default 1,000Hz polling rate, which means it can theoretically detect keystrokes much faster than most mechanical keyboards on the market.
  We plan to launch a product crowdfunding for the H1 Hera Tenkeyless on Kickstarter in mid-April 2022!
  We think the H1-Hera keyboard will respond better to gaming, as the new Hall-effect switch design based on magnetic sensing outperforms metal switches, especially when paired with high refresh rate monitoring devices. In contrast, standard mechanical switches can suffer from what's called a ""Debounce delay,"" in which the keyboard has to take a moment to determine whether a key was pressed. And Hall-effect switches have no metal contact aging and physical wear, which means that core gaming players can have a keyboard with a longer life.
  This allows core gaming users who need to use the keyboard for a long time to no longer worry about the life of the mechanical keyboard. Therefore, our H1-Hera should be the lowest latency and Longest service life wireless mechanical keyboard compatible with mac and win systems on the market.
hall effect wireless keyboard for mac
  High-quality, Thick ABS keycaps. Thick ABS plastic allows your keyboard to have no warping and few imperfections, along with colors that pop better and improve acoustics. ABS is skin-friendly, feels plastic, and produces a milder, softer sound.
  Based on our designed lamp bead shape and keycap gap spaces, it has achieved the best RGB lighting effect of keycap characters and comfortable keyboard lighting with low power consumption and provides five-level brightness adjustment.
  The H1-Hera is currently only suitable for click or linear Hall effect shafts developed by us. We optimized our linear switches to improve them, added silicon mufflers inside, and used automated equipment to machine more precisely to add more lubricant to make them feel smoother when pressed.   We've also improved the keyboard's acoustics by adding a new layer of sound-dampening foam inside the keyboard.
To be the quietest office TKL mechanical keyboard for mac&win is also one of our pursuits.
  The upper right corner of the H1-Hera has a multifunctional metal knob; it has a controller of RGB style, backlight brightness, volume size, and other keyboard functions.
A core function of the H1-Hera is to implement the effect of an analog switch, which allows you to programing a key to two results and adjust the depth to enter key switches precisely. (We call it the ""driving point"") However, We are still working on the software part at the moment.

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