Our H1 keyboard Aluminum Case Design

Our H1 keyboard Aluminum Case Design

  The H1 Hera is Hephboard's new interpretation of a mechanical keyboard, based on an innovative aluminum processing method, where we strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality and cost. The world's first wireless Hall effect axis, multi-system adaptability and software adaptation, improved lighting effects, and a new knob control system are just some of the many features we offer. It makes the H1-Hera a standout keyboard on the market.

  Our aluminum alloy stamping method creates the H1-Hera's case, achieving the effect of CNC aluminum case integral molding. This new processing method enables the H1-Hera to achieve a one-piece design, control the weight of the case and reduce production time and cost. The integrated structures hide the Hall effect switch while preserving the one-piece design. We also process the aluminum shell's corners to make the metal texture more durable, with Anodized and  Sandblasting, a classic piece of work.

H1 Hera Hall-effect switch keyboard structure
  To provide the best user experience, we will continue to invest in Hall-effect shaft bodies, aluminum alloy stamping methods, RGB lighting effect and perfect "H1-Hera" through fine details.


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